Large Tile Installations from Jason Messinger

Flamenco - Composed of 42 8"x8" tiles. Dimensions variable- shown 68"x80"

Beautiful World II - Composed of 49 8"x8" tiles. Dimensions variable - shown 80"x80"x1.5"

Large Tile Installations from Jason Messinger Art
Composed of hand-cast ceramic tiles, hand-painted in glaze, mounted on recessed hidden wood frame backers and matching wall cleats. All murals are modular, and can be arranged into any configuration or sequence. 

Dolce Vita III - Composed of 24 8"x8" Tiles. Dimensions variable - shown 44"x68"x1.5"

This body of artwork, titled Symbologies, uses the idioms of ideograms or hieroglyphics to create pared-down representations of of the world. The viewer is invited to provide their own unique interpretation to the images the artist presents, thus allowing a unique experience particular to that viewer. The modular nature of the work allows an owner to easily 'reset' the sequence of work and thus the 'narrative' as well. 

Postcards II - Composed of 28 8"x8" tiles. Dimensions variable - shown 44"x80"x1.5"

Shorelines - Composed of 24 8"x8" tiles. Dimensions variable - shown 44"x68"x1.5"

The artist’s work is found in private, corporate, and public art collections throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and in Australia. A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Jason Messinger has been a Chicago resident since 1985, and a full-time professional artist since 1995. He has received numerous awards for his artwork, and has been recognized in juried shows across the country. 
The artist’s studio/showroom in the Cornelia Arts Building in Chicago is open to the public and design professionals by appointment
Sympathies IV - Composed of 24 12"x12"x2" carved ceramic tile. Dimensions variable - shown 60"x92"x2"

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See more of the artist's tile mural installations, as well as his ceramic sculpture, his ink and watercolor paintings, a line of artist-designed gifts and prints, and much more, on his main website:

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