The Boom is Over: Long Live Art!

New York Times Article on Art World Boom and Bust


Stephanie said...

I was struck by this paragraph: "Every year art schools across the country spit out thousands of groomed-for-success graduates, whose job it is to supply galleries and auction houses with desirable retail." What schools are these? Are art school graduates really "groomed for success?" A minor detail, to be sure, but what planet is this writer from? Art schools across the country mainly spit out clueless navel-gazers without a single marketable skill.

Jason Messinger said...

I agree, art school gradutates are groomed to clog the system with more artists who think that they are God's gift to culture. I'm reminded of the Akbar and Jeff cartoon called "Artist Magazine" from the Life in Hell strip/ One sideline says: "Nine out of ten artists may not be the geniuses they think they are; could YOUR FRIENDS be among them?!?!"

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