Congrats to artist selected for Belmont CTA Station Public Art Commission

Congratulations to David Csicsko, who was selected as the winner of the Public Art Commission for the Belmont CTA Station Renovation. David Csicsko's work adorned the Belmont CTA station in the past, and he is highly regarded in the community. You should be able to see his completed mosiac some time before fall 2009, when renovations of the station are complete.

A special thanks to those who were able to come out and support my proposal for this project. It was quite an honor to be a finalist for this project (as well as a finalist for the Howard Station).

Now that the selection has been made, I am free to publicly identify my proposal - a tile mural fantasy tribute to the Belmont lakefront, with embossed fish making up the lake water, embossed leaves making up the park line, hi-rise buildings composed of gears (as a tribute to both the 'city that works' and the industrial nature of the CTA itself) and blue sky composed of butterflies and gears. The mural was to be visually experienced from a distance, and a tactile surprise once up close. Perhaps I will have the opportunity to make something similar in the future. Here are 'mock ups' of my proposal (which also included 'gear' tiles on large interior columns) and details of the 12" x 12" tiles I had proposed.

Click on the images to see a larger version of the pictures.



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Stephanie said...

Your mural would have been so cool, your design and samples were beautiful! Chicago will never know what it's missing, but some of will.

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